Welcome to Trichometrading

Welcome to Trichometrading

We are happy to introduce with another successful project Trichometrading.

Trichome Trading is a Barcelona based company which operates in the flower and seeds industry.
We are developing a strong and sustainable sales platform to trade the best products in the industry.

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Launching website for Barber Shop in Copenhagen

Launching website for Barber Shop in Copenhagen

We are happy to introduce with another successful project A/A Barber Shop.

A / A Barber Shop is the legend of the traditional barber shop in the heart of Denmark’s capital Copenhagen. You will be transported for a swift time from the moment you enter nostalgic dark style barber with its antique leather chairs and black and white photography adorns the walls. They offer professional care services that focus on traditional techniques but are designed to fit the modern gentleman. A/A Barber Shop services include everything from a straight razor knife to shaving trim and whiskey sampling to start. Sip on some of the world’s finest while devoting yourself to a new makeup. Whether you’re looking for a stylish, modern look or something from old days, their educated and highly talented shavers will help you achieve the look you’re looking for. A/A Barber Shop know there’s nothing worse than getting a cut that does not look like what you’ve asked for. Therefore, they take the time to be aware of what you want and deliver the best possible results. You will let our chips feel like a million dollars and ready to conquer almost everything. Not that you did not before. Vintage shave uses A/A Barber Shop professional set of tools to ensure high quality precise cuts. You know what they are saying they just do not do things they usually do. A/A Barber Shop specialists also use high quality products that can be purchased at the store.

Visit A/A Barber Shop web page here.

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Search images on the internet

Having some issues to find images that you have recently liked?

Do not worry. Its a very common problem that many people is facing each and every day.
Here we have few tips-options that might be helpful in the future.


Option one: www.google.com/images

We definitely first suggest to use the most famous image library of images. Google images offer a huge range of many different kind of images that are uploaded on various websites across the internet. On the other hand users only need to type one keyword or few keywords in order to describe their wished search item.

Google images is made in user search intelligent-friendly way that also tries to help and suggest similar or related search results. In case of wrong described or not accurate keyword choice, this great Google images library feature allows users to dive deeper and find the results they have been looking for.


Never less, google has even more great features that users love. One of the features we must talk about is Google image library tools, which can be found under “More tools”. This amazing features allows users to sort their results based on “Size”, “Color”, “Type”, “Time” and “Usage rights”.


Overall Google images is a wonderful service that simplifies and serves users with great advantage versus other search engines on the internet.


Option two: www.tineye.com

Next extremely useful internet search tool that we would like to talk is tineye.com. Often users have issues finding images that are abstract, or simply not perfectly themed that it could be described in keywords. There tineye.com offers an optional way of searching for images on the internet. Here users are not asked to type any keywords or describe their wished search criteria. The only requirement is fragment or draft of the image you are looking for. For example, you found a nice image on the magazine or printed poster and only thing you have to do is to take your smart phone and shoot a picture that can be later uploaded on tineye.com. This internet tool really works and runs search of selected / uploaded item through the whole internet universe. Technology is based on uploaded visual material details recognition and match found on the internet websites that ever hosted similar images. Tineye.com is also very accurate and 95% of time will only show and display image suggestions that are exact copy of the image you tried to upload and search for.

Option three: www.reverse.photos

This is optional internet image search engine tool that works 99% similar to tineye.com. Same technology, same procedure and accuracy of image results.
So, in case you did not like to use option 2, this might be the one you would prefer using in the future.


Thank you for using your time and reading our news. We hope it was helpful.

P.S In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in contact and we will try to give you more assistance.

Best regards,
KB Media Solutions team

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Our Instagram Page

Fresh content on Instagram page.

Some time ago we have introduced with our Instagram page .
Ever since we were trying to enrich and update the page with the most inspiring logo works each and every week.

It allowed us to see clear improvement while trying to be better engaged with our potential customers.
Therefore, we have decided to increase the variety of our content subjects and types of posts that we share.

Interested? Feel free to visit our page same as you are very welcome to use it at all the time when its needed for you to get some fresh news, updates or inspiration.
All your comments, ideas, suggestions and likes or just follows are very much appreciated!

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Our Facebook Page

Upgraded Facebook page.

Few years ago we have introduced with our Facebook page .
Today we are very happy to be much more advanced and serve our end-consumers with many new options and advanced features.

Feel free to visit our page same as you are very welcome to use it at all the time when its needed for you to get some fresh news, updates or inspiration.
All your comments, ideas, suggestions or just likes and follows are very much appreciated!

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