Social Media Marketing (SMM)for your online business

About Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing? Today the Social Media Marketing (SMM) platforms is considered as one of the most efficient tools to get new customers to your existing online business. Social Media Marketing success mostly depends on clear strategy and consistent effort while targeting customers and their exact interest areas.

KB Media Solution experts are best specialized on:
Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest platforms.

Low conversion rate!

Often different scale business tell us that their hit and conversion rates are below their expectations. We could also see the tendency of only 2-4% converting visitors on most of the online businesses, what also tell us that there is plenty of room to improve. One of the ways is Social Media Re-targeting where we can help your online business target your customers many times on more frequent time basis. All together it creates wider brand awareness and increases potential for your business to grow.

See a list of most common targeting filters per different target groups.


Target ads to people within an age range

Marital status

Target ads to people based on their marital status


Target ads to people based on their speaking language


Target ads to people based on locations

Work place

Target ads to people based on their working place

Working sector

Target ads to people based on their working sector


Target ads to women, men or both.


Target ads to people based on occupation


Target ads to people based on their network

This is just the most common selection of targeting filters and criteria while doing SMM.
We can also specifically adapt the Social Media Marketing strategy for your online business needs.

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